Geographic Information Services

Kier Associates professionals use ESRI geographic information system (GIS) software. The range of our services can be from maps for your reports to advanced analysis of complex environmental spatial data.  We can build a comprehensive set of maps to support watershed restoration, land use planning or adaptive resources management

Kier Associates specializes in making GIS information data accessible to people who are not specialists.  Our KRIS Map Viewer provides an ideal platform for sharing interactive map projects with no software costs for users.  With maps on the desktop of all your employees and collaborators, you have a common geographic reference which allows a host of cooperators to make maps for reports and GIS presentations.


sample map

We specialize in using remote sensing data, such as that derived from Landsat. For example, we recently assimilated and interpreted data at a regional scale for National Marine Fisheries Service's coastal salmon and steelhead Recovery Plan development.

Kier Associates scientists use GIS modeling software to assess the potential impacts of land and water management practices on sensitive terrains, like landslide-prone watershed uplands


Kier Associates can integrate your monitoring projects into a dynamic interactive website, as we did for the Redwood Community Action Agency’s Humboldt Bay watershed restoration planning (See Humboldt Bay KRIS at

Hot-linked Internet maps quickly display relevant data and photos and can also link directly to reports.

map linked to data


map viewer Kier Associates uses a custom desktop information management program, KRIS, that integrates many types of data, including electronic maps. The KRIS Map Viewer allows fully functional map theme review and editing.  All maps have full metadata and annotation in captions to help non-GIS specialists understand and use spatial data.


Kier Associates has drawn together gigabytes of map data for 50,000 square miles in California. 

If your project is in an area we covered already you will have the benefit of ready-made GIS data.

If you are located elsewhere, we can quickly and cost-effectively gather all relevant GIS in cooperation with your staff.

We have acquired maps for regional analysis of fisheries, water quality, watershed health and associated patterns of land use through prior regional information system projects.

kris projects map