Photo Capture and Organizing

Photographs can be one of the very best tools for evaluating long-term restoration progress. If photos are not scanned or in a readily-usable format, however, they may gather dust and will fail to inform adaptive management. Kier Associates has scanned thousands of photos and slides for agencies, watershed groups and local resource conservation districts.  The Kier team has captured historical photos critical for understanding watershed history and its implications for fishery and river restoration.

The tools the team has developed for photo organizing in KRIS projects make it possible for us to help you use photo documentation easily and effectively.

river bank before restorationriver bank after restoration

We can put the KRIS database, developed by Kier Associates, to work for you to capture your entire photo archive and to organize it for easy access. You will have access to that image that you will need for your report, poster, or Power Point presentation.

After we teach your staff to add photos, new staff members can learn to organize photos easily with the system’s built-in tutorial.

Dam of North Fork Big River in 1925

The Kier team has captured many high quality historical photos of rivers, of land and water use practices, and of fisheries.  We can help you capture these images. You need only help us locate the source, arrange for access, and secure permission for your intended use. 

Examples of historic photo projects can be seen on-line at: