Scientific Website Development

The Kier Associates team can help you present your scientific findings to the public and your collaborators through an attractive Internet site. We have writers dedicated to making science and technical information understandable to broad audiences. Whether you need to post all of your data, photos, maps and reports, or simply design a modest site to support public communications, we will provide prompt service to provide you the results that work best for your project.

Kier Associates created a comprehensive website for the Klamath Basin Tribal Water Quality Work Group, a consortium of environmental protection departments from five California federally recognized Native American Tribes in the basin.  The site presents extensive information about the proposed Klamath Hydroelectric Project dam re-licensing / or decommissioning, plans for restoring Klamath River water quality, and the Tribes’ efforts to protect their river.

Our custom data base and GIS program, KRIS, includes tools that take large amounts of data, photos, digital maps and electronic-format documents and posts them as useful content to the Internet. This example is from a KRIS project concerning Marin and Sonoma county streams that drain to San Francisco Bay. This project has been updated by Marin County’s public works department, which uses the KRIS website to support its floodway maintenance monitoring program. image of page from KRIS Webbuilder

See the Data Assimilation and Organization to learn more about using KRIS to capture all of your data.